Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, has praised the resilience of his team towards winning the EPL title. He expressed immense joy at his team’s ability to soak in and work through the pressure of winning the EPL.

Man City managed to pull a 1-0 win at Burnley and have just two games left to seal their win of the league.

“Yes, of course it is not easy, for Liverpool as well, but especially after against Tottenham [in the Champions League], the reaction has been outstanding, overwhelming, as a professional in this game,” Guardiola told a news conference.

“The mental strength to react with the problems we have had without Kevin [De Bruyne], Fernandinho, important players.

“Then to come here and win. Now we keep going, it’s two games. It’s tough for Liverpool, it’s tough for us, with 91 and 92 points and we’re still not champion. So, we will see, they push us we push them. It’s down to two games.

“Every press conference I say the same but from the deep of my heart it is incredible.”

We have in two seasons 192 points,”

“Maybe one team in history has made 100 points in one season, but to do the next season 92 or 95 or 98, whatever is going to happen, I bet that is not going to happen quite often.”