Timaya has come online to express that troubled rapper Naira Marley welcomed inconveniences and troubles into his life, utilizing his very own mouth.

In the video posted on his Instagram page, Timaya explained on how incredible and powerful words are and how things said can happen in one’s life.
He refered to instances of legends like Tupac Notorious BIG and late Nigerian rapper Dagrin, who sang about death and passing on happened upon them.
He at that point referenced how Naira Marley was captured in the lastest music video, Am I a Yahoo Boy that was debuted just days before his capture by the EFCC.

All things considered, a portion of the rapper’s fans have gone to his defense saying for the fact that he sang on yahoo does not mean he is genuinely a fraudster.

Read the comment from a fan below:

A lot of people don’t understand what naira Marley was speaking about, his own opinion regarding Nigeria economy and development was that these yahoo boys are doing a lot for Nigeria’s to grow than our government because the jobless youth try to create work for themselves even without the government building any factories.

These boys make the money goes round if politicians want to do shopping they go to Dubai and spend money there, by that they are boosting Dubai economy, while these yahoo boys brings the money into the country and invest so that money can go to the ordinary Nigerians who buy and sell in Nigeria.

Sometimes they sponsor give seats that’s why he spoke about the bloggers that they are arm robbers bcos they know, these are the things naira predict for the future of Nigeria “Let’s watch out and see what will happen in the next few years, high rate of kidnappers, high rate of arm robbers, high rate of prostitution, high rate of suicidal.”

Naira money is the real musicians, he speaks his mind, he doesn’t pretend Like Others who come to the gram and deceive everybody and go behind to take money from those same people we think they are helping us with.

Naira Marley and falz is the real modern day of Fela ambitions. In conclusion of this naira Marley is not a yahoo boy that’s why he sang simi see trouble am I a yahoo boy? That song is a question and different from I am a yahoo boy. Bloggers stop spreading fake rumor.

You are supposed to be the last hope of an ordinary masses this was the platform Fela never had, social media is tool use it well.