moreyfaithPopular actress and super model, Faith Morey believes that a lot of men in Nigeria are married to lesbians and they’re completely unaware.

These lesbians cheat on their husbands in their marriage house with their lesbian lovers, whom they present to their spouse most of the time as their best friend, according to a video she uploaded on her Instagram stories.
She added that, the naive spouse has no difficulty with such friendship since they are women, unaware that there is more to it.

Faith Morey said:

“How many married men in Nigeria are married to Lesbians without them knowing, and these lesbians are cheating under their roof. These partners can be their best friend, their supposed omg we’ve been girlfriends for 10 years, 5 years and of course the husband is like, oh, I’m cool with it because she’s a girl, not knowing that’s her lover”.

Watch video below: