Igbo-presidency--Where-do-we-stand--Obasi-asks-Ngige--Nnamani--Nwobodo--others361445952160606416ABA- A chieftain of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, has urged Ndigbo to look beyond the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, if it wants to produce a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in 2023.
Igbo Presidency
In an interview with Vanguard in Aba, Obasi, who is the leader of the APGA breakaway faction, Authentic APGA, also asked Chris Ngige , Ken Nnamani, Jim Nwobodo, Osita Okechukwu, and other Igbo APC leaders to tell Ndigbo where do they stand on Igbo presidency?

alleged that there are strong indications that the APC has no plan to allow the Igbo fly its presidential flag in 2023

He lamented that no Igbo leader, no matter his status in APC, can be optimistic that the 2023 presidential flag of the party will be ceded to the South East and urged Ndigbo to look else for a beneficial political marriage.

“Ndigbos doesn’t require a fortune teller or a diviner to know where the political train of the Buhari led APC is headed. Ndigbo of the South-East geo-political zone cannot afford to turn the missile on herself or indulge in a subterfuge of political self deceit. I still believe that what Ndigbo need more today is to toe the adage that believes that a bird at hand is worth million in the bush. Until now, no Igbo leader can beat his chest within the ranks of the APC to proudly aver that there are assurances that 2023 presidency is their destiny for Ndigbo. It is abominable to carry a child on the back and defile the mother. Enough is enough.

“The appointment of Bola Tinibu to head the APC presidential campaign council also has made crystal clear that it may be the wish of our Igbo brothers like Osita Okechukwu for their party to cede presidency to Ndigbo in 2023 but the handwriting is very clear that Ndigbo should take their fate in their hand .APC to stop toying with Ndigbo.

“Im also worried by the appointment of Mrs Sharon Ikeazor to coordinate the South-East for the ruling APC. A year ago, Ikeazor ran for the APC primaries and performed woefully and lost in that senatorial primary to represent her zone. APC should not forget in a hurry that its government is seen or perceived at most negligent of Ndigbo especially of the South-East geo-political zone. There is a better way to woo Ndigbo and not by cutting one part your body to patch another.

Obasi urged President Muhammadu Buhari to clear the air on the call by Vice President , Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Raji Fashola, for the South West zone to vote Buhari in 2019 in return for power shift to the zone in 2023. Where do we stand on Igbo presidency? Chris Ngige , Ken Nnamani, Jim Nwobodo, Osita Okechukwu, and other Igbo APC leaders should tell Ndigbo.

“Hitherto, nothing has shown that the unrepentant presidency has anything good for Ndigbo, the leopard can never change colour, neither will the chameleon behave like a lamb. It is unfortunate that Buhari has kept mute on calls by Osinbajo and Fashola for the South West to vote him in return for power shift to the zone in 2023.”