::::Friendship and mistakes::::

What is friendship all about???
What has mistakes got to do with friendship???
I pity you if you’ve not made a mistake before..
I mean those ones that thinks they are perfect.
Now pay attention, how do you intend to be better when you’ve not in any way made one mistake or the other in life???
How can you be a true friend to someone when you’ve never in any way gain the trust and value of the person???
Hmmmmmmmmmm… The answers are here..
Now, Open your mind and your eyes to read and understand what I have for you today..
People do not value each other all in the name of not being in a close relationship with them which is not considered ideal in actual sense.
Friendship is quite a necessity as one may never know what will actually happen In the next minute of his or her life..
Surrounding yourself with people of like minds that are willing to accept your flaws inculcating within themselves that vulnerability and impediments are Inevitable in life speaks volume and will eventually lead to an effective result at long run.
Everyone seeks to be cared for and not to be taken as an option or for granted, we are being judged by our ability to value and see other people as a priority and not as an option. Valuing someone is of great intensity and importance as loving someone,because both love and value works together seeking to achieve the same objective…
Mistakes they said is always and there is no way one can abstain totally from making mistakes..
Mistake is always, but repeating a more often corrected individual mistake is absolutely outlandish…
Do you know what???
I disagree with such notion and belief if actually considered one.
“if mistake occurs always,then it is deliberate”!!!
What am I trying to point out here???
I just countered a high world belief and notion which has dominated the thinking of basically the 21st century (the contemporary generation we are into)…
Perfect and imperfections goes a very long way in distinction,
while perfection is viewed as a quality, endowment, or acquired completely excellent;an ideal;faultlessness;especially the divine attribute of excellence.
Imperfection on the other hand is viewed as something that makes something less than perfect; a blemish, impurity,error etc which is predominantly as a result of constant and unstoppable mistakes.
Following the antecedent of this notion
“mistake is not always but deliberate goes a long way to justify the ability of one repeating a corrected mistake over and over again….
I know some people must be crazy with me this time, but the fact still maintain that our effort and affirmative to abstain from already corrected mistakes keeps the other person at ease of not being taken for granted or as an option.. Human mind works faster in detecting faults and slowly in acknowledging the right things except when the mind is at ease and unto reflection which is predominantly sub conscious in nature.
As friends, always endeavor to engage in a happy and more companionship with your significant others…utter an incoherent excuses always to a friend and notice how rapid the friendship will break up beyond expectation.
A good friendship is as a result of love, trust, openness,intimacy,respect,understanding,value and proper communication that keeps them moving to the apex. I must confess that one of the major factors,bottle neck and drawbacks of friendship is “mistakes”..
Mistakes are unintentional errors which are meant to be corrected,but don’t always have that mind set that mistake can always be corrected irrespective of time,day,occassion etc…..
Because, you’ll end up killing and destroying a relationship with that..
Accept your mistakes whenever you make one and abstain from such mistake, rather than repeating it over and over again and Making the feelings of the other vulnerable whenever it comes to you…
That is what is expected of you as a friend that cares.