This information was brought to my notice as one of my brother who is seeking admission into the HND program 2018/2019 of FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC EDE. He started the admission processes by doing the online payment of 15k, he sat for the written entrance exam and his exam result was even greater than the department merit requirement. The admission list for both merit and supplementary candidate was pasted and his name was not among,he summon the courage to go and meet the Dean of student affairs of the school and was told today by the school Dean of student affairs that the school does not admit students fromm the following schools: Polytechnic of Ibadan, IREE poly, Kwara poly, Lagos state poly and ESA Oke polytechnic for the past 15 years …and my brother did his OND program in polytechnic of Ibadan. My questions now is why don’t they make it official as part of their conditions before prospective students apply for their school form,why the underground discrimination, does our concern educational sectors knows about this and lastly why is it that such atrocities given low awareness. This is not fair on us. 8278736_fedpolyede4310x145_jpeg1ba5a36bb0b804be1f0a38e226d3b34e I believe they refunded his money.It is quite disheartening for his time and effort being wasted.