crSensational God Of Football Cristiano Ronaldo has Acheived A Great Mountain in the World by becoming the First ever Human on Social Media to Have 400 million Followers on his Instagram Page a Day after celebrating his 37th Birthday.

Former Real Madrid ,Juventus and current Manchester United Star has made himself the most followed human on Earth surpassing Nations with their amount of population like USA, India and China.

He has reached A Momentum of becoming more than a Single populated Country.

He recently just a day ago Celebrated his 37th Birthday whiles been a Top-Notch player at his Age and still on top of his game in the Top Five League in Europe.
Portugal and World most Celebrated Celebrity is a never Give up Human who has influenced many in the game of football with the likes of Kylian Mbappé, Erling Halaand, Joao Felix, Marcos Rashford and a whole lot of New Generation players, he hasn’t only influenced those on the world of football but other sports also making him the most talked about Football Celebrity in the World with a lot of controversy following his name also .

Ronaldo is a father of 4 and also expecting another set of twins with his long time Engaged Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

He has made himself known in the world for almost 20years now and never stopping whiles been kind hearted to the people of the world at need .
400million followers isn’t a childlike play and no celebrity has ever reached that milestone not even well known Late Michael Jackson reached that milestone.He is indeed powerful.

So we Celebrate this milestone with a Glass of wine to toast his Achievements in the World . Siuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!.