Chelsea boss, Mauricio Sarri has expressed disappointment over Napoli’s inability to qualify for the semi-finals of the Europa League. Speaking after the Italian club lost to Arsenal yesterday, he said he’d have loved to play his former club at the finals as it’d have been easier for him to take.

Sarri said he would much rather have faced his old club had Chelsea overcome Frankfurt in the semi-final.

“I’m not happy that Napoli are out because, if the final is Chelsea v Napoli, I’m sure at the end of the match I’d be really happy,” the Italian said,

“To win the competition it’ll be very difficult. Eintracht are a great team with a wonderful striker in Luka Jovic.”

Chelsea conceded two quick-fire goals straight after the restart on Thursday night as Petr Sevcik gave the visitors a way back into the match, and Sarri joked he may need to change his half-time team talks – or scrap them altogether!

“As usual in the last two months we started very badly in the second half and we need a solution.

“I can try without going into the dressing room at half-time if that’ll solve the problem.

“It’s not easy to understand. It is a big problem. At the end of the first half we thought we had qualified.

“I told them to start with the same application in the second half but we didn’t. They scored from 18 metres without being opposed, twice,” he said.