bbOn the Tuesday night, 14th June episode of BBNaija Reunion show, Angel and Cross were at the center of a dramatic argument over their shaky friendship.
Cross forced lots of words out of Angel’s mouth when he began to list what he did for her yet they all seem to be in vain.
In response, a visibly pissed Angel revealed that she tried to solidify her friendship with Cross by cooking, giving him money, and booking spa sessions for him; all these benevolent gestures according to her were never reciprocated.

Cross however denied everything that Angel said, complaining about how he had to deal with Angel’s mood swings.

Speaking on how much he loves Angel, Cross in an emotional tone avowed that he was not ready for romance as he is scared of going into a relationship again due to past failures.

Cross added that at a point Angel told him she had a new boyfriend which hurt him. Along the line, while Cross was still struggling to explain himself to her, Angel interjected that she doesn’t see him as someone she could have intellectual conversations with because he is a gaslighter.