drakeA heartwarming video that has surfaced online captures the moment Drake’s son, Adonis, decided to teach the multiple award-winning Canadian rapper French.

In this cute video, little Adonis was having a chit chat with his celebrity father and during the course of the the discussion, he sought his permission to teach him French.
Before giving his father the French lessons, Adonis asked;  “Can I teach you how to speak Français?“

The happy father gladly gave him the go ahead to give him the lessons.

Drake who first shared the video on his IG page captioned it as;

I been around the world thrice times I mean what I say…

Meanwhile, before the French lessons, Drake had already asked Adonis if he thinks he will be much taller and bigger than him when he grows up. They had a little cute misunderstanding as they both challenged each other’s answer.

Check out the video below to know more